What to expect now that your home is listed!  *expect that the photos and info may take up to 10 days to "post" to all websites *Not all websites have the same format and the info may be slightly different.   *Please review for accuracy and notify me or Brittany, my admin.  Please note*not all fields can be edited on all sites *An "upgraded" sign will be installed within 10 days

FOLLOW THIS CHECKLIST (AS APPLICABLE) TO BE READY!!  *The Buyer has 10 Days to complete Inspections, in most cases *You will be notified of inspection dates *Plan on being out of the home for 3 hours(smaller homes may be quicker/Larger homes may take longer) *Remove all pets from the home or secure them so that all rooms are accessible *All utilities on to all parts of the property *All Outbuildings/sheds/shops are unlocked and accessible *Keys to all safe rooms/storm cellars *All light bulbs are working *Change HVAC Filters, if needed, and date the day of installation of new filter.  *Verify that all Breakers are labeled on the Breaker box *Make sure that the Breaker boxes are accessible and nothing is stacked in front or blocking.  Inspectors need to remove the cover *Make sure the attic access is accessible and that nothing is stacked below it or that a car is parked and blocking it *If the home has a crawl space, make sure it is accessible and not locked. If the door is attached by screws, please remove *Make sure the hot water heater and furnace are accessible.  If these are hidden behind a panel, please remove the panel *If you have a Jetted/Whirlpool/Jacuzzi Tub, prefill the tub.  This can be completed the night before.   *Remove excess items from under your sinks so that the inspector can check for leaks *Leave a list for the Inspector of any "Quirks" your home has...example, if the outlet only works when the light switch is on.  Also feel free to label switches that are NOT connected to anything.  This will save time and frustration for the Inspector and you want a happy Inspector that feels you are knowledgeable about your home and have maintained it well.

*You will receive a copy of the Inspections Reports *You will receive a list  from the Buyer of Requested Repairs *You are NOT required to agree to all repairs *Buyer CAN cancel contract and receive refund of earnest if seller does not agree to repairs *Seller will have 5 days to get bids  *Contract is VOIDED if repair agreement is not reached in 7 days from Repair Requests.  *Seller should complete all repairs 2 weeks prior to closing if possible.  *Buyer has the right to REINSPECT the repairs to verify they were completed correctly.

All Contracts are written slightly different so its very important that you review the Accessories, Equipment and Systems paragraph on each offer you receive.  If you know you are NOT willing to leave a specific item, it is best to EXCLUDE it on the listing.  Here are a few examples of items that convey with the home based on most contracts.... *Bathroom mirrors *Surround Sound Systems *Shelving, if attached *Dishwasher *Stove *Microwave, if attached *Wood Stoves *Fireplace screens/gas logs/tool set *Security System/cameras/fobs/monitors *Exterior lighting & landscape

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